About Us

Naz Bilous, Product Manager
Nick Kirichuk, iOS Engineer
Jaroslaw Voloshyn, Android Engineer

Who  we are

We are a highly-professional, young and enthusiastic team of developers, designers and concept creators, based in London, UK. Since 2011 and up till now EduKidsApps has been a part of the educational apps world, bringing an exciting challenge in the form of magnificent games, and at the same time encouraging children's creativity and skills development. EduKidsApps sprang up from Lemberg Solutions – a UK mobile and web development company, well-known for its broad industry experience and highly-skilled employees. Thereby, the EduKidsApps brand has strong technological base, which helps us use all the up-to-date market trends.

What  we do

We do what we love: create smart games for smart kids. EduKidsApps learning island includes language mastering, spelling and pronunciation skills, math, memory training and a lot more! Our goal is to create games that are intuitive to use, educationally valuable and extremely joyful.

Most of our apps are available in 14 languages: English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Swedish, Danish, Dutch, Norwegian, Finnish, Russian, Polish, Czech, Ukrainian, and have iOS and Android versions. Multilanguage and cross-platform approach makes our games challenging and exciting for the kids all over the world.